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Milly Mally jooksuratas Marshall Air Mint - MillyMally

Milly Mally jooksuratas Marshall Air Mint - MillyMally

Milly Mally jooksuratas Marshall Air Mint - MillyMally

Milly Mally jooksuratas Marshall Air Mint - MillyMally

Milly Mally jooksuratas Marshall Air Mint - MillyMally
Milly Mally jooksuratas Marshall Air Mint - MillyMally
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 Bestway 51121 täis..
Bestway 51121 täis..
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30€ 35.95€
Milly Mally jooksuratas Marshall Air Mint

Milly Mally jooksuratas Marshall Air Mint

KM-ta: 56.63€

Suuruste info
Tootja: Milly Mally
Tootekood: 5901761125887
Saadavus: 5 - 7 tööpäeva
63cmX 35cmX 16cm


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Milly Mally Marshall AIR balance bike

Modern design combined with original designs and the colors of the bikes make it stand out amongst those available on the market. Bicycles from Milly Mally are above all safety certainty.

Milly Mally is a leader in the production of running bikes for many years.

Why should you start learning to ride a Marshall bicycle with MILLY MALLY?

Ergonomic shape of the bicycle - provides unparalleled ride comfort and correct posture.

The wide, inflated 10 "wheels are soft and quiet, they absorb shocks well, which increases driving comfort

Steel frame - works during intensive use by a young cyclist.

Advantages of running bikes:

Learning to ride a cross-country bicycle perfectly develops the ability to maintain balance and motor coordination. In addition, it is a great start before riding a traditional bicycle.



When choosing a walking bike for a child, we should pay attention to the position of the childs feet. To ride freely on a cross-country bicycle, a child should have a full foot supported on the ground in a sitting position and a slightly bent leg in the knee. The minimum required distance of the saddle from the ground should be less than the length of the childs leg.



Durable inflated tires on white rims, soft and quiet while riding. The ergonomic saddle with soft filling and adjustable height makes the bike grow with your child. Marshall has a ball bearing swivel steering wheel with adjustable height. Non-slip, soft rubber grips ensure a secure grip and comfortable handling. The classic and ergonomic design of the bicycle ensures durability and comfort of use. The steel frame of the bicycle provides greater resistance to overloads. The bike is adapted to long-term operation by the youngest.


Inflated, 10 "wheels with practical valve Seat height adjustment Handlebar height adjustment Solid light frame Non-slip plastic handles Comfortable soft contoured seat Bearing wheels Age range 2+ Glossy varnish (liquid), more resistant to scratches - spray painting Screw covers adjusting the height of the steering wheel and the saddle Meets European safety standards Available colors: pink, blue, white, mint



Total length: 77 cm

Adjustable handlebar height: 52 cm - 58 cm

Adjustable seat height: 37 cm - 45 cm

Handlebar width: 40 cm

Maximum load up to 20 kg.

Weight: 4 kg



Height: 35 cm

Width: 15 cm

Length: 63 cm

Weight with packaging: 4.75 kg

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