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Jooksuratas Dino Mini Blue - MillyMally

Jooksuratas Dino Mini Blue - MillyMally

Jooksuratas Dino Mini Blue - MillyMally

Jooksuratas Dino Mini Blue - MillyMally

Jooksuratas Dino Mini Blue - MillyMally
Jooksuratas Dino Mini Blue - MillyMally
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 Bestway 52331Ujumis..
Bestway 52331Ujumis..
Spend a fantastic day out in the sun with your little one in th..

12€ 14.95€
Jooksuratas Dino Mini Blue

Jooksuratas Dino Mini Blue

KM-ta: 50.79€

Suuruste info
Tootja: Milly Mally
Tootekood: 5901761124392
Saadavus: 5 - 7 tööpäeva
68cmX 28cmX 12cm


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Do you remember our "Smiling Dinosaurs"? Now the DINO-saur family has grown to include their children. MINI DINO will take your child into the World of Prehistoric Animals. Joyful MINI DINOsaur faces looking down from the running bike will encourage every toddler to travel. The bike was created to provide the child with the right dose of physical activity and fun at the same time. The invaluable advantage of balance bikes is child development. Tiny Dino supports his coordination, motor skills and strengthens the muscles of the legs. Thanks to 9.5 pumped wheels and a solid wooden frame, the bicycle ensures stability and safety on various surfaces, while non-slip handles with covers protect the young cyclist. The contoured frame and soft saddle help the toddler keep balance during the first moments on the bike. A colorful and attractive bike will definitely become your little ones best friend. The bike is available in 3 colors, which will appeal to both girls and boys. PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: solid wooden birch frame non-slip handles with covers 9.5 pumped wheels bicycle tires with tread soft comfortable seat ball-bearing wheels age range 2+ simple steering wheel meets European safety standards EN 71 bikes come in the following colors: green, pink, blue TECHNICAL DATA bicycle width 38 cm bicycle height 46 cm seat height 30 cm distance from the saddle to the steering wheel 13 cm height to the steering 43.5 cm length 69 cm maximum load up to 30 kg weight 3.6 kg PACKAGE dimensions: Length 68 cm Height 28 cm Width 13.5 cm Quantity in the box: 1 pcs. Weight with packaging 4.4 kg Gray cardboard with colorful poster on 1 side Installation instructions Warranty: 1 year
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